Who is Xi Jinping?

Who is Xi Jinping?     

Xi Jinping

After numerous unsuccessful attempts, in 1974 Xi Jinping was accepted into the Communist Party. The following year he began to study chemical engineering at Beijing’s Tsinghua University, earning a degree in 1979. From that point forward, he steadily rose through the ranks of the Communist Party. Between 1979 and 1982, Xi served in the Central Military Command as vice premier, gaining valuable military experience. It was around this time that he married his first wife, Ke Lingling, the daughter of the Chinese ambassador to Great Britain. The marriage ended in divorce within a few years. On March 14, 2013, Xi completed his ascent when he was elected president of the People’s Republic of China, a ceremonial position as head of state. In his first speech as president he vowed to fight for a great renaissance of the Chinese nation and a more prominent international standing. Mostrar detalle

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Funcionamiento del artículo 233 de la constitución venezolana.

Funcionamiento del artículo 233 de la constitución venezolana.      Mostrar detalle

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security distractions derailing IT

security distractions derailing IT     Most companies don’t do what they need to do to reduce security risks. How do I know? Because I’ve consulted for hundreds of them. They don’t patch their most attacked programs in a timely manner, and they do a poor job of teaching their users how to avoid social engineering attacks -- the two commonsense actions that would reduce their security risk most dramatically. Instead, they push for better passwords, smartcards, digital certificates, advanced firewalls, and so on. It's all good, but nowhere near as a high a priority as the top two. Mostrar detalle

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Leader Attributes

Qualities of a good political leader

Qualities of a good political leader     CEBU, Philippines – As the filing of certificates of candidacy for next year's national and local elections nears, the question of which candidates best fit public office is at the forefront of the public mind. Voters need to go beyond surface popularity and dig deeper to know if the individual candidates really have what it takes to render good public service. It's important to get to the truth behind the campaign hype. The website acknowledges that, for many people, deciding which candidate to vote into office is simply a matter of party affiliation. In the Philippine experience, however, this is no longer totally true. The past several elections have resulted in quite a mixed victory from among the country's multi-party electoral system. It may be construed, therefore, that the main Filipino electorate cast their votes based on specific characteristics they look for in the candidates they choose. But what are these desirable characteristics? What are the qualities or characteristics that good political leaders should possess? The website lists the top five characteristics of some of the world's most successful political leaders. These, for sure, can help voters in determining which candidates to vote into office. Good political attributes>

  • Honesty
  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Confidence
  • Flexibility
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Clarification on What Is Solar Technology

Clarification on What Is Solar Technology     he idea of ​​using sunlight as an energy source is not so new. In 1839, for the first time, this effect was discovered by Alexandre Edmond Becquerel. He found in some experiments with electrolytic cells that current flows are little more light than in the dark. However, it will still take some time before this discovery could be used in practice. 1883 the first forerunner of today’s solar cells was developed, it was built by Charles Fritts. 1921 managed to Albert Einstein, the theoretical explanation of this effect, for which he received the Nobel Prize in Physics. Two years later, the effect could also be confirmed in an experiment, and so he also received a Nobel Prize. Mostrar detalle

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