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Stem cells

Japanese team uses lab-grown stem cells to regenerate monkey hearts

 Stem cellsAFP-JIJI
OCT 11, 2016
PARIS – In a step forward for organ regeneration, stem cells grown from a single monkey’s skin cells revitalized the damaged hearts of five sick macaques, Japanese scientists reported Monday.

The experiment builds toward the goal of providing a vast and noncontroversial source of rejuvenating cells to transplant into heart attack victims, researchers wrote in the science journal Nature.

This would obviate the need to harvest stem cells from embryos or from transplant recipients themselves. The team used so-called induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs).


T: Health ID: 493 I: 1232 P: 9.55 C: 0.0016

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Ebola symptoms

People with Ebola may not always show symptoms

 Ebola symptomsA year after the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, researchers from the Stanford University School of Medicine and other institutions identified 14 individuals previously unknown to have had the disease in a Sierra Leone village that was an Ebola hot spot.

These individuals had antibodies to the virus, suggesting they had been infected at one time. Yet 12 of these individuals said they had had no symptoms during the time of active transmission in the village.

The research confirms previous suspicions that the Ebola virus does not uniformly cause severe disease, and that people may be infected without showing signs of illness, said Gene Richardson, MD, a former fellow in the Division of Infectious Diseases and Geographic Medicine at Stanford who is now a PhD candidate in anthropology at the university. The findings also suggest that the epidemic was more widespread than previously believed. Based on the results of the study, the researchers calculated the prevalence of minimally symptomatic infection to be 25 percent.

"The study corroborates previous evidence that Ebola is like most other viruses in that it causes a spectrum of manifestations, including minimally symptomatic infection," Richardson said. "It provides important evidence on that front. It also means a significant portion of transmission events may have gone undetected during the outbreak. This shows there was a lot more human-to-human transmission than we thought."


T: Health ID: 385 I: 1593 P: 10.15 C: 0.0013

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Definición y explicación de la Melatonina.

 MelatoninaLa Melatonina regula el sueño y fortalece el sistema inmunológico

La melatonina es una hormona producida por la glándula pineal, la cual es una estructura del tamaño de un grano situada en el centro del cerebro. La secreción de melatonina ocurre durante la noche en reacción a la oscuridad. Alcanza un nivel máximo a media noche, y disminuye en la mañana. La síntesis y el poner en circulación la melatonina son inhibidos por la luz: es la hormona del grado/ritmo circadiano.

¿ Que es exactamente la melatonina ?

" La melatonina es una píldora para dormir más natural. Es una sustancia que nosotros secretamos de forma natural por la glándula pineal, una estructura ubicada en la parte central de nuestro cerebro ". La melatonina se produce de noche para ayudar a nuestros cuerpos a regular los ciclos de sueño. La cantidad de melatonina producida por nuestro cuerpo aminora a medida que envejecemos.

Los científicos creen que ésto puede ser una de las claves por las cuales la gente joven tiene menos problemas para dormir que la gente mayor. La melatonina es una hormona liposoluble e hidro-soluble que el organismo metaboliza de una manera rápida. La producción de melatonina disminuye con la edad. Cuando el hombre envejece, la glándula pineal se calcifica y produce menos melatonina. Los niveles de melatonina son abundantes en los niños, disminuyen con la pubertad y declinan regularmente, más de 90%, hasta los 70 años de edad.


T: Health ID: 733 I: 430 P: 5.81 C: 0.0046

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U.Va. to lead studies on 'artificial pancreas' for Type 1 diabetes

 DiabetesBy TAMMIE SMITH Richmond Times-Dispatch
Researchers at the University of Virginia will head a $12.7 million project studying so-called “artificial pancreas” technology, in this case a smartphone application that wirelessly reads a sensor measuring a person’s glucose level and that tells an insulin pump to deliver the correct dose of insulin.
Such technology, under development by several companies, is referred to as an artificial pancreas because it does the work of the pancreas, the organ in the body that normally releases insulin to control the body’s blood sugar levels. In people with diabetes, the pancreas doesn’t work like it’s supposed to.

T: Health ID: 668 I: 694 P: 6.80 C: 0.0029

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Zika is here to stay and remains a significant public health challenge

 HAPPENED IN 2016he fifth meeting of the Emergency Committee (EC) on Zika and microcephaly convened by the Director-General under the International Health Regulations (IHR 2005) regarding microcephaly, other neurological disorders and Zika virus was held by teleconference on 18 November 2016.

The Committee was briefed on the implementation of the Temporary Recommendations issued by the Director-General on advice from the four previous EC meetings. The Committee was updated on the latest developments on Zika virus geographic spread, natural history, epidemiology, microcephaly and other neonatal complications associated with Zika virus, Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) and current knowledge on sexual transmission of Zika virus.

The following States Parties provided information on microcephaly, GBS and other neurological disorders occurring in the presence of Zika virus transmission as well as control measures being implemented: Brazil, Thailand, and the United States of America.

The Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) declared by the Director-General of WHO has led the world to an urgent and coordinated response, providing the understanding that Zika virus infection and associated consequences represent a highly significant long-term problem that must be managed by WHO, States Parties and other partners in a way tha


T: Health ID: 683 I: 691 P: 6.91 C: 0.0029

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Tensión arterial

Alimentos que ayudan a mantener la tensión arterial por @blogdefarmacia

 Tensión arterialUna gran preocupación médica es la hipertensión arterial, ya que puede derivar en enfermedades cardiovasculares o cerebrales. Hay alimentos que ayudan a mantenerla a raya, te aconsejaremos una lista de 10 alimentos que ayudan a controlarla.

La tensión arterial alta es cada vez más frecuente en los países desarrollados, debido principalmente a la nutrición, el estrés y la contaminación. La tensión arterial es la fuerza que ejerce la sangre sobre las paredes de las arterias cuando es bombeada por el corazón. Puede aparecer hipertensión arterial debido a un aumento del volumen sanguíneo, debido a una alteración renal y una mala regulación del sodio, estando también implicados el hígado y el bazo en el volumen de sangre. También se puede provocar hipertensión arterial debido a un mal estado de las arterias o a la acumulación de calcio en sus paredes. También se produce por la alteración de la vasodilatación y vasoconstricción debida al estrés, al uso de estimulantes o por mala alimentación.

Hay una serie de alimentos que hay que evitar: azucares, alcohol, regaliz, picantes, sodio y los productos que pueden contenerlo como son los embutidos, quesos y conservas.

Puedes sustituir la sal por cantidades moderadas de algas marinas, tamari o miso y agua de mar, o especias (no picantes), hierbas aromáticas y ajo.


T: Health ID: 583 I: 886 P: 7.38 C: 0.0023

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@LotusOak recomends to Download the First Aid Chart by @JoetteCalabrese

 Homeopathy Years ago as a young mother, I read that deaths in children occurred more often from accidents than illness.
It was a pivotal moment for me.
Fevers don’t kill, I learned, but a head injury could. Chicken pox might be uncomfortable, but it wasn’t going to maim my child like a burn or laceration.
I deduced that there are only so many different kinds of dangers, so to learn which remedies to use ought to be something I could readily accomplish.
Besides, I already knew that it was best to leave a fever alone and how easy it is to reduce chicken pox itching with homeopathy. Thus, I pointed myself in the direction of first-aid study for the next many months.
How freeing!
I set my mind to studying how to treat lacerations, shock, heat stroke, burns, head injuries, even electrocution, using homeopathy. This allowed me to focus my time on what was most valuable in order to become a more effective parent.


T: Health ID: 599 I: 974 P: 8.25 C: 0.0021

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RT, Cancer

Síntomas y signos del Cáncer de mama @CancerDotNet

 RT, CancerLos signos y los síntomas que se deben analizar con el médico incluyen:

un bulto que se palpa como un nudo firme o un engrosamiento de la mama o debajo del brazo. Es importante palpar la misma zona de la otra mama para asegurarse de que el cambio no sea parte del tejido mamario sano de esa área.

Cualquier cambio en el tamaño o la forma de la mama.

Secreción del pezón que se produce de forma repentina, contiene sangre o se produce solo en una mama.

Cambios físicos, como pezón invertido hacia dentro o una llaga en la zona del pezón.

Irritación de la piel o cambios en esta, como rugosidades, hoyuelos, escamosidad o pliegues nuevos.

Mamas tibias, enrojecidas e hinchadas, con o sin erupción cutánea con rugosidad que se asemeja a la piel de una naranja, llamada piel de naranja.

Dolor en la mama; particularmente, dolor en la mama que no desaparece. El dolor generalmente no es un síntoma de cáncer de mama, pero debe comunicarse al médico.


T: Health ID: 614 I: 1018 P: 8.85 C: 0.0020

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Antibiotics risks

We All Must Get Smarter About Antibiotics by @CDCgov

 Antibiotics risksGuest Author: Christian John Lillis,
Executive Director, Peggy Lillis Foundation
I had scarlet fever when I was six years old. The infection had me in the hospital for a week, while the doctors struggled to diagnose my illness and then managed my treatment with antibiotics. One of my earliest memories is being shaken awake at least twice a night by a large, looming nurse to take another oral dose of antibiotics.

From the mid-nineteenth century through the Second World War, scarlet fever was a significant cause of childhood death causing upwards of 60,000 deaths at the turn of the century. Though death rates were decreasing throughout the 20th century1, it was the discovery and use of antibiotics that made scarlet fever a manageable illness. Luckily for me, by the time I was diagnosed in 1979, the antibiotic penicillin was widely available. My mother took me home following my week-long stay in the hospital.


T: Health ID: 725 I: 1001 P: 12.36 C: 0.0020

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Pega recuerdos bonitos, frases y fotos de tus seres queridos para ser felíz by @ChrisBarquero

 FelicidadPega recuerdos bonitos, frases y fotos de tus seres queridos por todos lados, llena tu refrigerador, tu computador, tu escritorio, tu dormitorio... en fin, tu vida, de recuerdos bonitos.


T: Health ID: 723 I: 1005 P: 12.41 C: 0.0020

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Para ser felíz gasta tu dinero en experiencias, no en cosas by @ChrisBarquero in @HuffingtonPost

 FelicidadUn estudio descubrió que el 75% de las personas se sentía más feliz cuando invertía su dinero en viajes, cursos y clases. En tanto, sólo el 34% dijo sentirse más feliz cuando compraba cosas.


T: Health ID: 722 I: 1008 P: 12.44 C: 0.0020

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Sé asertivo para ser felíz by @ChrisBarquero in @HuffingtonPost

 FelicidadPide lo que quieras y di lo que piensas. Está demostrado que ser asertivo ayuda a mejorar la autoestima. Ser dejado y aguantar en silencio todo lo que te digan y hagan, genera tristeza y desesperanza.



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