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The bandwidth bottleneck that is throttling the Internet

The bandwidth bottleneck that is throttling the Internet     On 19 June, several hundred thousand US fans of the television drama Game of Thrones went online to watch an eagerly awaited episode ” and triggered a partial failure in the channel´s streaming service. Some 15,000 customers were left to rage at blank screens for more than an hour. The channel, HBO, apologized and promised to avoid a repeat. But the incident was just one particularly public example of an increasingly urgent problem: with global Internet traffic growing by an estimated 22% per year, the demand for bandwidth is fast outstripping providers´ best efforts to supply it. Mostrar detalle

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Power Transistor

Scaling silicon IGBTs can boost energy efficiency, says Japanese team. by @nehack @New_Electronics

Scaling silicon IGBTs can boost energy efficiency, says Japanese team. by @nehack @New_Electronics     As product developers look for greater energy efficiency, they are turning their attention to power devices based on SiC and GaN. However, research in Japan suggests that, by scaling silicon IGBTs, significant energy savings can be made. Professor Kazuo Tsutsui and his research team at the Tokyo Institute of Technology say that, while the efficiency of IGBTs is good, reducing the on resistance or the voltage from collector to emitter required for saturation (Vce(sat)) could increase their energy efficiency. Mostrar detalle

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bug bounty

IRS launches first civilian agency bug bounty program

IRS launches first civilian agency bug bounty program     By: Aaron Boyd, November 15, 2016 (Photo Credit: Synack) After the Department of Defense lauded the success of the Hack the Pentagon bug bounty program, it seemed only a matter of time before other departments got in on the action. While the Army announced Friday that it will be following the Pentagon’s lead, the IRS on Tuesday became the first civilian agency to launch a bug bounty program. Partnering with bounty facilitator Synack — who recently signed on to manage the second phase of the Pentagon’s program — the tax collection agency will allow a select group of vetted white hat hackers to test its systems for weaknesses. Mostrar detalle

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ADVISER: Cybersecurity tips for every business

ADVISER: Cybersecurity tips for every business     Every business is, almost by definition, unique. Each faces its own specific risks, including information security risks. Nevertheless, we have found 13 common principles at the heart of any enterprise´s information security profile. The order is not necessarily important, but a comprehensive approach is. Data mapping: A business cannot protect information that it does not know it has. Before undertaking any information security upgrade, the business should confirm its understanding of what types of information it actually gathers, uses and stores; how that information really is used in the company´s operations; where it is stored; and who interacts with it. For example, a well-secured document management system is a good thing, but if users regularly email documents and save them as attachments, or if they copy them to desktops and mobile storage media, the document management system itself no longer provides security. A realistic assessment of actual information practices is the only way to ensure that security measures meet the real world. First recomended by @InfosecVision in twitter Mostrar detalle

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IoT base

Comcast is launching a new IoT venture

Comcast is launching a new IoT venture     Comcast recently announced the creation of MachineQ, a new business venture focused on creating enterprise solutions and a platform for the IoT, according to ZDNet. The venture will be focused on working with enterprises to allow them to gather, transmit, and analyze data from connected devices. In a press release, Comcast said MachineQ will primarily work by collaborating with enterprises to create proof of concepts that will gather and analyze data from different endpoints. The initial trials will revolve around utility metering, environmental monitoring, and asset tracking, but the venture will eventually expand to more use cases. The venture is collaborating with Semtech Corporation to launch the initial trials, which will be deployed in Philadelphia and San Francisco using Semtech’s LoRa networks, a wide-area IoT network. Sam Schwartz, Comcast’s Chief Business Development Officer, noted that the company sees business-to-business IoT solutions as an area set for rapid growth in the coming years, and this move could serve as Comcast’s play to take advantage of that growth. Mostrar detalle

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In Practice: What ingredients make the best physicists?

In Practice: What ingredients make the best physicists?     CERN’s main restaurant, imaginatively named Restaurant 1, is a vital part of the life of any physicist on the campus. At any moment — weekends and nights included — you’ll find groups of young, enthusiastic students chattering animatedly about their work, or individuals hunched over laptops, clutching coffee and wearing huge headphones. Sat on the end of one of these high, long tables discussing what makes a successful physicist, Dr Anne-Marie Magnan giggles: “For a while I was interested in philosophy but I think it was just because I had a crush on the teacher… I quickly went back to physics!”
“Opportunities came up, I was interested so I applied and got them. For me, it was physics from early on.” She explains that being able to change direction, and be open to what life throws at you is, she believes, key to being a good experimental physicist. “Sometimes the best physicist is one that’s able to take us in a new direction, to see a new way where you might be more successful,” she continues. Magnan now works for CERN’s CMS experiment and supervises several of the collaboration’s budding young scientists. “The absolute best physicists I’ve ever seen are people who are very good at building on what they know by seeing a way to change it slightly and finding a new path,” she explains. Mostrar detalle

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Instead of digging up raw materials, we will make them from microbes

Instead of digging up raw materials, we will make them from microbes     Trace the products we buy and use every day from plastics and fabrics to cosmetics and fuels back to their origins, and you'll find that the vast majority were made using stuff that came from deep underground. The factories that make the products of modern life do so, by and large, out of chemicals of various kinds. And those chemicals come from plants powered primarily by fossil fuels that transform feedstocks”also mainly petrochemicals into myriad other compounds. It would be much better for the climate, and possibly better for the global economy as well, to make many of the chemical inputs to industry from living organisms instead of from oil, gas, and coal. We already use agricultural products in this way, of course” we wear cotton clothes and live in wooden houses” but plants are not the only source of ingredients. Microbes arguably offer even more potential, in the long term, to make inexpensive materials in the incredible variety of properties that we now take for granted. Rather than digging the raw materials of modern life from the ground, we can instead brew them in giant bioreactors filled with living microorganisms. Mostrar detalle

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Series Automatism

Who was Henry Ford?

Who was Henry Ford?     

Henry Ford

Synopsis Born on July 30, 1863, near Dearborn, Michigan, Henry Ford created the Ford Model T car in 1908 and went on to develop the assembly line mode of production, which revolutionized the industry. As a result, Ford sold millions of cars and became a world-famous company head. The company lost its market dominance but had a lasting impact on other technological development and U.S. infrastructure. Early Life Famed automobile manufacturer Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863, on his family's farm in Wayne County, near Dearborn, Michigan. When Ford was 13 years old, his father gifted him a pocket watch, which the young boy promptly took apart and reassembled. Friends and neighbors were impressed, and requested that he fix their timepieces too. Unsatistfied with farm work, Ford left home the following year, at the age of 16, to take an apprenticeship as a machinist in Detroit. In the years that followed, he would learn to skillfully operate and service steam engines, and would also study bookkeeping. Mostrar detalle

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Cooling technique helps researchers 'target' a major component for a new collider. by @physorg_com

Cooling technique helps researchers 'target' a major component for a new collider. by @physorg_com     Although a lot of time and effort in particle physics are devoted to finding ways to increase the energy of certain experiments, sometimes it is even more important to find ways to safely, quickly and easily remove energy from an experiment. Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) Argonne National Laboratory have recently developed a new ultra-low-friction sliding contact mechanism that uses chilled water to remove heat from a key component of a next-generation collider. "When you think about driving a car, you have to use friction to brake your wheels," said Wei Gai, an Argonne high-energy physicist and leader of the Argonne Wakefield Accelerator group. "For us, the key challenge was in finding a way to have a brake-like contact of metal pads against a high speeding wheel without much friction." For the past two years, Gai and his colleagues have been attempting to assemble a working prototype for a key component of the proposed future International Linear Collider (ILC). This device, called a "positron target," would enable scientists to produce positrons, the antimatter sibling particle of the electron. Mostrar detalle

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Tesla Truck

Truck drivers will still be needed for ‘a few years’, says CEO Elon Musk

Truck drivers will still be needed for ‘a few years’, says CEO Elon Musk     While Tesla’s Vice President of Vehicle Programs, Jerome Guillen, is working on the automaker’s all-electric heavy truck program, Tesla Semi, CEO Elon Musk made rare comments about the vehicle and more especially, its autonomous driving capacity. When Musk first announced the Tesla Semi program in his ‘Master Plan Part Deux’, he hinted that a driver, or at least an “operator”, would still be required: “We believe the Tesla Semi will deliver a substantial reduction in the cost of cargo transport, while increasing safety and making it really fun to operate.” With the recent introduction of self-driving capable hardware in its passenger cars, Musk said that all of Tesla’s future vehicles will also be equipped with self-driving capable hardware – but the level of autonomy can still vary. During an interview with CNBC and Ron Baron last week, Musk said that drivers in ‘Tesla Semi’ trucks will still be needed behind the wheel and that the system will at first only run for safety and in order to gather data: “I think it’ll actually be a big safety improvement because you get a lot of accidents when drivers are tired behind the wheel,” The data will be used to convince regulators that the system is safe and it could be used for complete autonomy, but he added that it will still be “a few years” before it happens: “It’ll be a few years after trucks can self drive before regulators have seen enough data to feel comfortable not having a driver in the car,” It’s not unlike the application Uber’s Otto aims to have with its own autonomous truck system demonstrated with its autonomous beer run with Budweiser last month. Mostrar detalle

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