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 MathIn the last few months, I have had several people contact me about their enthusiasm for venturing into the world of data science and using Machine Learning (ML) techniques to probe statistical regularities and build impeccable data-driven products. However, I’ve observed that some actually lack the necessary mathematical intuition and framework to get useful results. This is the main reason I decided to write this blog post. Recently, there has been an upsurge in the availability of many easy-to-use machine and deep learning packages such as scikit-learn, Weka, Tensorflow etc. Machine Learning theory is a field that intersects statistical, probabilistic, computer science and algorithmic aspects arising from learning iteratively from data and finding hidden insights which can be used to build intelligent applications. Despite the immense possibilities of Machine and Deep Learning, a thorough mathematical understanding of many of these techniques is necessary for a good grasp of the inner workings of the algorithms and getting good results.


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CHANCA PIEDRA, Planta de origen peruano que ayuda en afecciones del riñón

(Pinilantus niruri). Frasco de 50 cápsulas
Es un poderoso desinflamante de los riñones y las vías urinarias. Disuelve las arenillas, cálculos renales y de la Vesícula Biliar. Apoya a la evacuación de estos por su acción litiásica.

Se puede conseguir en forma de capsulas en Native Botica. - La Candelaria. Caracas.
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Los beneficios de la tintura de propóleo

 Antibiotico_NaturalLos beneficios de la tintura de propóleo

Con todas sus propiedades, la tintura de propóleo permite luchar contra la gastritis y las ulceras, estimula el sistema inmunológico, mejora las infecciones del aparato respiratorio superior, las infecciones bucales, mejora la sinusitis y los cuadros gripales, combate hongos y micosis, es eficaz contra la tuberculosis y la neumonía y su ingesta permite combatir el colesterol y bajar la tensión arterial.

Dosis de tintura de propóleo

La dosis administrada dependerá siempre del problema que se trate. Por ejemplo, por las mañanas en ayunas se pueden tomar 25 gotas en un vaso de agua. También se puede administrar la dosis varias veces al día (25 gotas administradas 5 veces al día). En función de si se desea reducir o aumentar el apetito, se tomaran las gotas antes o después de comer. La dosis dependerá así mismo de si se trata de un adulto o de un niño. Si se desea dejar de tomarlo, es preferible hacerlo poco a poco. Ante cualquier duda, lo mejor es consultar a un especialista de terapias naturales.

Se puede conseguir en Native Botica. -
La Candelaria. Caracas.
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China praises facial recognition as a means to improve smart city services

 BiometryFor the last two years, it seems that fintech has been the ones trying to monopolize facial recognition to mainly increase security in payments. China adopted the concept and chose to adapt it to public services.
Alipay’s 2015 partnership with Face++, a tech company who focus on facial recognition technology, is a only the tip of the iceberg of China’s craze for this technology. Indeed, since even the cheapest smartphone is able to download and use a facial recognition system, the face screening system they created is now currently used by 150 million Alipay’s account owners.To limit fraud, retrieve a password or authorise high-risk transactions, the system will ask of its user to blink for the camera and they will then proceed with the action needed.
But what’s more interesting is that this technology is currently preempted by public services in China. Combined with the identity card system, Chinese government has indeed spent 10 years to develop a centralized and unified identity library, along with a fingerprint library, in order to provide identity verification services to financial institution and other public originations.


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A Brief History of Blockchain by Vinay Gupta
@leashless ‏for @HarvardBiz

 CriptodataMany of the technologies we now take for granted were quiet revolutions in their time. Just think about how much smartphones have changed the way we live and work. It used to be that when people were out of the office, they were gone, because a telephone was tied to a place, not to a person. Now we have global nomads building new businesses straight from their phones. And to think: Smartphones have been around for merely a decade.

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Global CCD Image Sensors Market 2017 – Kodak, Philips, SONY, Matsushita, Fuji

 ccd-image-sensorsGlobal CCD Image Sensors Industry 2017 report introduced size, share, trends, conditions, including the product price, profit, capacity, production, capacity utilization, supply, demand and industry growth, SWOT analysis, investment feasibility analysis, and investment return analysis etc.
The Global CCD Image Sensors Industry report delivers en executive-level blueprint of the CCD Image Sensors market that will help clients to build strategies to expand their market operations. The report on the Global CCD Image Sensors market is an in-depth study that covers all the aspects of the industry. Extensive primary and secondary research has been used to carefully prepare this report. In addition to this, the report features insights from industry experts. Correlation, regression, and time-series models are included in the report so that it may provide insightful analysis of the key industry trends.


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In pictures: building the world's largest container ship by @WiredUK

 ShipsOkpo, a port in South Korea, is home to Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering, a company constructing the world's largest model of ship -- 12 at a time. "The place is mind-blowing," says photographer Alastair Phillip Wiper, who visited the shipyard for Wired on the eve of the departure of the ninth Triple-E class container vessel, the Matz Maersk. "This is just a small part of what they're doing. They have 46,000 people building around 100 vessels -- and everywhere you look there's some surreal part of a ship that's just about recognisable as something that should be underwater."

Twenty Triple-E class container ships have been commissioned by Danish shipping company Maersk Lines for delivery by 2015. The vessels will serve ports along the northern-Europe-to-Asia route, many of which have had to expand to cope with the ships' size. "You don't feel like you're inside a boat, it's more like a cathedral,"

Wiper says. "Imagine this space being full of consumer goods, and think about how many there are on just one ship. Then think about how many are sailing round the world everyday. It's like trying to think about infinity."


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Are Virtual Restaurants Dining's Next Hot Trend? by @VChamlee for @Eater

 RestaurantAndo, Green Tiffin, Sprig: No, these aren’t the newest Noble Houses in Westeros, though their existence is nearly as mysterious as the world of Game of Thrones. These are three of the country’s most popular digital restaurants — restaurants that exist to serve food only via delivery.

Increasingly, consumers are turning to delivery for their meals over take-out or dining out. This has been a growing trend for the past few years, but the recent announcement that one such startup, FoodChéri, has raised more than $6,700,000 suggests it’s a global trend, and one that’s worth millions. In fact, there’s probably a lot more lush Silicon Valley-based venture capitalist money headed to the delivery-only sector.

FoodChéri bills itself as a company that caters to busy professionals in and near Paris, delivering some 1,000 ready-to-heat meals per day. It’s not a restaurant in the traditional sense; hungry customers can’t, for instance, pay a visit to FoodChéri and grab a table for two. What they can do is place an order for a meal that, like at a restaurant, is prepared by a chef, and have it delivered to their home or office. This puts it in the same vein as delivery-only American startups like Munchery, or the UK-based EatFirst.


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Samsung receives approval to test self-driving cars in South Korea

 SelfdrivingCarSamsung has received approval to test self-driving vehicles in South Korea and will begin with a “Hyundai equipped with the latest cameras and sensors,” according to The Korean Herald.
Little is known about Samsung’s intentions at this time. The move comes a few weeks after Apple received similar approval to test self-driving vehicles in California.
Two years ago, the firm established a team to work on self-driving tech, but did not say if it planned to enter the market or simply partner with others.
To test self-driving cars in the country, the company had to receive approval from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport. Hyundai, Uber, and Toyota have all went through the same approval process before.Samsung has declined to comment on the approval. It has also not said if it plans to expand the tests to Silicon Valley or Europe.


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A first look at Elon Musk´s next grand idea. by Jackie Wattles @jackiewattles for cnnTech

 HihgwayDuring a speech at a TED Talks conference, Musk -- the Tesla (TSLA) and SpaceX CEO -- unveiled what he hopes to accomplish with his latest venture, The Boring Company.
A new video shows a computer-generated mockup of a sprawling network of underground tunnels that vehicles can access via elevators nested near roadsides.
Once underground, the video shows futuristic silver platforms whisking the cars toward their destinations.


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Chinese Shale Gas Target Met with Skepticism

 ShaleChina’s target to produce around 3 billion cubic feet per day of shale gas by 2020, while increasing its 1P reserves to 53 trillion cubic feet, has been met with doubt by oil and gas analysts at Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co (TPH & Co).

“We remain skeptical on Beijing’s 2020 target given geological/logistical issues and high costs,” analysts said in a research note sent to Rigzone.

“Although estimated to hold vast resources, Chinese shale gas development has been impacted by a combination of complex geology (high degree of faulting), high well costs, water scarcity and a lack of technology/infrastructure,” the analysts said.

The skepticism comes after China’s shale gas production in March reportedly increased by 50 percent year on year to 1.3 Bcfpd, which compares with total Chinese gas production of 15.5 Bcfpd, TPH & Co analysts revealed.

Sinopec has been described as the “clear leader” in the Chinese shale gas business, with the firm already producing from its Fuling asset. Production from its Nanchuan block is expected to start next month.



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